Sectigo PAC Enterprise SMIME

Sectigo Personal Authentication Enterprise Certificate helps you sign emails and documents as an organization. It also allows you to perform client authentication in order to tighten your intra-system security. In addition, there’s a 2-factor authentication that makes the channel communication safer between the employees, board members, and every official in between.

A higher recognition rate on almost all email clients, computers, and mobile devices makes Sectigo PAC Enterprise SMIME a perfect choice for your needs as an organization. In addition, authentication enhances security by letting the individuals know if they particular person has access to the files or not.

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Buying SSL Certificate

Choose the Best Certificate that would help you to secure your website. SSL Certificates would help protect your website and secure communication between client and server. Sectigo is one of the computer Brands when it comes to cyber security. We understand that choosing a certificate is an important decision, and we want you to be confident that you have made the right choice. Whether you are looking for a new certificate or upgrading an existing one, we have the tools to help you get the job done right. If there are any questions or concerns about our services, don't hesitate to contact us directly so we can address them head-on!

Procurement of SSL Certificate

SSL Procurement Process includes steps such as Choosing the SSL Certificate, Generating CSR and Private Key on the Server, and Submitting the Certificate Signing Request (CSR) to Certificate Authority (CA).

CSR Generation Steps:

The steps involve generating the CSR, Private Key, and submitting the CSR to the Certificate Authority (CA) for further processing. Various Server has different CSR Generation process. You can learn more about at the following links:

  1. How to generate CSR in Apache
  2. How to generate CSR in IIS
Validation Process (OV)

Organization Validation is the Certificate that proves not only Domain Ownership but also Organization and Authorization for the person looking to obtain a certificate on behalf of the Organization. Here are a few points to be aware of regarding Organization Validation:

  1. You must verify that you own or control the domain.
  2. Your organization must register with the local government to complete verification.
  3. The Organization must employ the person seeking a certificate.

To know more details regarding the Organization Validation process, check our Knowledgebase.

SSL Insuance

Great, You have completed the validation process, and now you can download the certificate from our website. The certificate has been emailed to you at the email address specified.

Process for SSL Installation:

The process for SSL installation consists of downloading the certificate from the Certificate Authority, copying the certificate files onto the server, and configuring the server to use the certificate. You can learn more about SSL Installation from our Knowledgebase.

  1. How to install SSL in Apache
  2. How to install SSL in IIS

$ 39.99

Email Signing & Encryption

PKI Support

Organization Validation

Client Authentication

Organization Validation

Authorization of Sender

Digital Signature

Email Signing

Email Encryption

PKI Support

2-Factor Authentication

Client Authentication

Document Signing

30-Day Return Policy

Product Specifications
  • Validation Requirements: Identity Verification, Domain Control, Organization Validation
  • Fields of Signing: [email protected], First Name & Last Name, Company Name & Company Address
  • Reissues: Unlimited at no additional cost
  • Multiple Server Licensing: Unlimited at no additional cost
  • Document Signing: Yes
  • Email Signing: Yes
  • Email Encryption: Yes
  • Client Authentication Support: Yes
  • Two-Factor Authentication: Yes
  • Authoritative Digital Signing: The recipients can get a sense that the document or Email they have received is from an official from an authenticated organization.
  • Identified by All Email Clients and Browsers: All the browsers and email clients on the internet identify Sectigo PAC Enterprise.
  • Solid 256-bit Encryption: In major organizations, Email and document signing are done using a 256-bit encryption level.
  • Two-Factor Authentication: Emails and documents' authenticity is maintained as the users get asked to provide details when they log in again.
  • Free Server Licensing: An organization can use it on as many servers as they please without any additional cost to you.
  • Organization's Name and Address in Details: Shows the company's name and details in the digital signature to stamp authenticity.

When an email is signed, the receiving party can stay worry-free of any possibility of the message being modified by an unofficial individual. In addition, digitally signed emails verify the sender’s identity to check the authenticity of the message they are receiving.

You can stamp your authenticity on all web browsers and email servers. Moreover, your Microsoft Office products also recognize Sectigo’s PAC Enterprise SMIME. This certificate works perfectly everywhere; thus, you can sign your emails and documents and put aside any thought that keeps you worrying about the safety of your organization’s communication channel.

It asks the users to authenticate their identity when they log into their accounts. The security for an organization with employee accounts and executive or functional office accounts is always on with the Sectigo PAC Enterprise SMIME installed on the system.

Worldwide, 256-bit encryption is a gold standard for email and document signing. However, with the increase in the number of individuals trying to get into an organization’s communication channel and stealing or modifying their data, a certificate like Sectigo PAC Enterprise is mandatory. PAC encrypts every mail sent using 256-bit encryption so that no modification occurs on its way to the recipient.

Sectigo PAC Enterprise can also be used to sign documents like emails. Asserting authenticity has always been challenging. It doesn’t just sign the emails and documents but also helps the receivers know that the document they have received isn’t modified or tampered with.

For the customers or clients to feel safer, you must inform them that an official entity signs the emails and documents at your organization. This way, the clients start trusting you more and more, and a bridge of faith is built in between. If your organization lacks in providing trust in customers, there’s always a possibility of loss either due to lack of trust or the perpetrators.

The process of getting this certificate issued is moderate, and you need to provide company details like name, address, and others. The company that receives emails or documents from your organization’s communication channel knows that you send them just by looking company name and address displayed upon reception.

Sectigo certificate authority (CA) is a renowned worldly brand and an entity that is trusted by a huge number of companies and organizations to keep their emails and documents from being tampered with or modified and keep on the bond of trust with the clients too. Get the advantage today with Sectigo PAC Enterprise SMIME.

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