Comodo Personal Authentication Enterprise Certificate

CPAC Enterpris is an easy, affordable and reliable certificate that digitally signs emails and documents. The two-factor authentication for employees is helpful for safer communication through the channel.

The security for communication inside an organization is strengthened using the authentication feature that helps understand if the particular user has access to online servers. It works perfectly on all major email clients, mobiles, and computer browsers.

Buy or Renew Comodo Personal Authentication Certificate Enterprise


$ 39.99

2048-bit RSA Signature Keys

Organization Validated

Supported in all Major Browsers

Hassle-free Installation

Up to 3-Year Term

Email Encryption

Sign Emails

Sign Documents

Client Authentication

Organization Validation

100% Browser and E-mail Client Compatibility

Secure 2-Factor Authentication

Unlimited Reissuance

Zero Cost Server Licensing

Product Specifications
  • Validation Requirements: Identity Verification, Domain Control, Organization Validation
  • Certificate Fields of Signing: [email protected], First Name & Last Name, Company Name & Company Address
  • Reissuance: Unlimited at no additional cost
  • Server Licensing: Unlimited at no additional cost
  • Document Signing: Yes
  • Email Signing: Yes
  • Email Encryption: Yes
  • Client Authentication Support: Yes
  • Authoritative Digital Signing: Helps the recipient understand that the Document or Email they have received is from an official from the specific organization.
  • Identified by All Browsers: All the browsers and email clients on the internet identify CPAC Enterprise.
  • Highly Secure 256-bit Encryption: 256-bit encryption is the most popular encryption standard for Email and document signing.
  • Two-Factor Authentication: Maintains emails and documents' authenticity by asking the users to provide their details while logging in again.
  • Unlimited Server Licensing: An organization can use it on as many servers as they please.
  • Company Name and Address in Details: Shows company’s name and details in the digital signature to stamp authenticity.

Signed emails convey to the recipient whether or not the message is original or modified by an unofficial party. Digitally signed emails verify senders' identity to check for an email's authenticity.

No matter which web browser, web server, email server, or Microsoft Office products you use, the overall compatibility of CPAC Enterprise stamps your authenticity. You can sign documents and emails on all the platforms, which works perfectly everywhere.

Once installed on the computer, it asks the users to authenticate their identity every time they log into their account. This way, the organization that has installed the CPAC Enterprise will have security for their employee accounts and other executive and functional office accounts.

256-bit encryption is the gold standard in the industry. Email signing is needed in the current era due to so many hackers attempting to hack into organizational data. CPAC encrypts every mail sent using 256-bit encryption so that no modification occurs on its way to the recipient.

Comodo Personal Authentication Certificate Enterprise signs the documents just as it signs emails. You can assert the authenticity of the document by reading the document. It also lets you understand about any alteration that may have happened with the received document.

When you send signed emails and documents to your customers/clients, they feel safer. This is the point where the client starts feeling a bond of trust and faith between you and them. In the absence of such an important feature, a possibility of loss in business is always present due to a lack of faith between you and the client.

To get CPAC Enterprise, you must go through the Organization Validation process, which authenticates your company’s details, such as the name and address. The entity receiving an email or document from your Organization can see the company name and address, which builds a trustful bond.

70% of Top-500 Fortune Companies use Comodo Certificates and get unmatched customer support along with the Comodo trust seals that make the recipients trust your organization. Comodo provides the best services and certificates for internet security regardless of your organization's shape or size.

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