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Installation of SSL in Microsoft IIS

First, you will need to obtain a valid SSL certificate from a trusted certificate authority (CA). This can typically be done by purchasing a certificate from a provider such as SSL Cert Shop

Once you have obtained your certificate, the next step is to install it on your IIS server. To do this, open the IIS Manager and navigate to the server or site for which you want to install the certificate. Under the "Server Certificates" section in the centre pane, click on "Import" and select the .pfx or .cer file containing your certificate.

Next, you will need to bind the certificate to your website. To do this, navigate to the website for which you want to use the certificate and click on "Bindings" in the centre pane. Click on "Add" and select "https" as the type. Select the certificate you just imported from the dropdown menu and click "OK".

Finally, you will need to configure your website to redirect all HTTP traffic to HTTPS. This can be done by navigating to the website in IIS Manager and under the "SSL Settings" section in the centre pane, checking the "Require SSL" checkbox, and select "Ignore" from the "Client Certificates" dropdown.

That's it! Your website should now be accessible via HTTPS, and all data transmitted to and from the site will be securely encrypted.

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