Comodo Positive SSL EV

Comodo Positive SSL certificates exist because the need for cheap and cost-effective ones has rocketed in recent years. Positive SSL EV certificate facilitates you with all the security and assurity for your customers as a regular EV SSL certificate, but the major benefit is that you don’t have to pay a major portion of your budget.

You get to showcase your company details; the certificate is under your organization’s ownership. It is one of the most effective ways to shoot your sales and conversions higher than they are and beyond your expectations. It comes with a $1M relying party and unlimited reissues.

Buy or Renew Comodo Positive SSL EV


$ 89.99

Extended Validation (EV)

$1,000,000 Warranty

Unlimited Server Licenses

Free Comodo Dynamic Site Seal

Extended Validation (EV)

2048-bit length RSA Keys

Robust SHA 256-bit Encryption Algorithm

Secures single FQDN and non-www domain

Unlimited free server licensing

HTTPS URL, Padlock and Comodo Dynamic Site Seal

99.9% Mobile and Web Browser Compatibility rate

Unlimited free Reissuing

$1,000,000 relying-party Warranty

100% guaranteed refund if the certificate is cancelled within 30 days of purchase

Product Specifications
  • Validation Level: Extended Validation (EV)
  • Encryption Algorithm: SHA 256-Bit Encryption Standard
  • Issuance Period: 10 to 15 minutes
  • Available Trust Indicators with SSL: Padlock, HTTPS, and Comodo Dynamic Site Seal
  • Certificate Authority: Comodo
  • Domain Security: Secures a single www or non-www domain
  • Server Licensing: Unlimited
  • Cryptographic Key Encryption: Cryptographic Keys of 2048-Bit length
  • Mobile Browser Compatibility: 99.9%
  • Web Browser Compatibility: 99.9%
  • Reissues: Unlimited
  • Warranty Amount: $1,000,000 relying-party warranty
  • Refund: 100% refund within thirty days of certificate purchase
  • Robust 256-bit Encryption: Your in-transit data is secured with this gold-standard SSL encryption.
  • Secure Padlock, Dynamic Site Seal, and HTTPS URL: Website visitors get enough hints that their data is safe with your website.
  • Secure Single WWW or non-WWW Domain: Use the certificate to provide in-transit data security to your website visitors.
  • Limitless Free Reissues: Lost your certificate details? Worry not; you can reissue your Sectigo Positive SSL certificate as many times as you want in the certificate term.
  • Install On Unlimited Servers: If you have primary, secondary or backup servers, you can install this single certificate on all your servers free of cost.

Extended Validation (EV), is not only the highest trust achiever for your website, but it comes with a dynamic site seal that you can place on a web page that gets the most traffic or on a transaction page so that you get to convert more customers than ever. The company's name and details in the certificate details are one more feather in your nest with this validation level.

Positive SSL lineup was introduced to facilitate the business owners who wanted the trust level of EV certificates in a cheaper price range. Comodo certificate authority (CA) is one of the leading SSL certificate issuers. It thoroughly checks your business's registration and legitimacy details before they issue a certificate in your business's name.

Your customers can be anywhere and use any browser available on this planet. Comodo-issued SSL certificates are recognized by and compatible with almost all browsers. So worry not and handle other operations well at your end to run your business seamlessly.

Comodo provides some warranty with all the certificates you purchase from the brand. This is a relying party warranty, meaning the victims are receiving this money. When a website visitor gets charged with fraudulent credit card transactions, this is the amount of money from which they get their losses covered.

If you decide to cancel your certificate for any reason, CComodo provides you with a full refund on your purchase. The only condition is that you must cancel your certificate within the window of 30 days of purchase.

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