Organization Validation SSL

The answer to the need for trust with affordability.

Organization Validation SSL

The answer to the need for trust with affordability.

Organization Validation (OV) SSL certificates are upgraded versions of domain validated (DV) SSL certificates. Just as you need to provide domain ownership proof during the vetting process for DV SSL certificates, you must provide organizational registration details and ownership proofs to prove the organization's legitimacy.

SHA 256-bit encryption algorithm is used to encrypt all the in-transit data of your website customers, and these certificates are also deemed premium since this encryption level is the latest website security standard. The benefits don't stop at that; you get to use a padlock, HTTPS URL and site seal as the visual trust indicators.

Comodo (OV) Multi Domain SSL Certificate

Get it today @ $ 25.99 for a year

Businesses that really care about their customers and website visitors get this SSL certificate that provides them with a higher level of trust and the industry-standard encryption level that secures their in-transit data. This way, your business can secure all the domains it has under its ownership and protect the data of your customers under a single Comodo Multi Domain SSL certificate.

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Comodo Multi Domain Wildcard SSL Certificate

Get it today @ $ 89.99 for a year

This organization validated SSL certificate is an upgraded version of the regular Comodo Multi Domain SSL certificate, as it secures all the domains for your business and every single subdomain that these domains possess under them. Remember that the same 256-bit encryption level applies to all the data the customers provide to the website, and huge warranties are added to this SSL certificate.

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Comodo Instant SSL Pro Certificate

Get it today @ $ 22.99 for a year

Instant SSL certificates are for those organizations that want their customers to feel safer while performing online transactions on the website. It equips a dynamic site seal that shows when the organizational details were last updated. Apart from the visual trust indicators, the certificate also provides a $100,000 warranty and a 30-day “no questions asked” return period, where the customers get a full refund upon canceling their certificate.

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Comodo Premium SSL Wildcard Certificate

Get it today @ $ 119.99 for a year

Need to secure,, and any other subdomains that you have under your root As its name suggests, the Premium (OV) SSL Wildcard is a premium certificate that requires your organization to verify organizational details and proof of domain ownership. With the 256-bit encryption level for your main domain and all its subdomains, no more worries.

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Sectigo Multi Domain SSL Certificate

Get it today @ $ 92.99 for a year

Sectigo is one of the major providers of SSL certificates worldwide. When it comes to trust, organization validation (OV) provides more trust than domain validation (DV) SSL certificates. Without compromising on the encryption level or standard, the Sectigo Multi Domain SSL certificate secures up to 250 domains for your business using additional SANs. Get it today at the most affordable price.

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Sectigo Instant SSL Pro Certificate

Get it today @ $ 22.99 for a year

Instant SSL Pro adds pro to Instant SSL certificates by putting up a more complex vetting process for requesting entities and a bigger warranty that covers more victims if anything were to happen and the perpetrators access your website’s in-transit data in illegal ways. So if you have a website that collects critical financial or personal data from website visitors, Instant SSL Pro is your go-to solution.

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Sectigo Premium SSL Wildcard Certificate

Get it today @ $ 119.99 for a year

Being of the most premium SSL certificates, the Sectigo Premium SSL Wildcard certificate secures your domain and all the subdomains under your Fully Qualified Domain Name (FQDN). In addition, it comes with a $250,000 relying party warranty that pays out to the victims of fraudulent online transactions when this certificate is installed on the website from where the customer’s in-transit data gets accessed by perpetrators.

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Certum Trusted SSL (OV)

Get it today @ $ 59.99 for a year

Trust is inseparable from the certificate authority Certum. It is one of the latest website security certificate providers. Certum has two key lengths, 2048 and 4096-bit cryptographic keys, that are used to create a secure communication channel between the server and browser. It also equips the latest website security standard 256-bit encryption level for encrypting the in-transit data.

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Certum Trusted SSL Wildcard (OV)

Get it today @ $ 209.99 for a year

The Truster SSL Wildcard (OV) adds the wildcard ability to the Trusted SSL by Certum. Wildcard ability means that you can now secure all the subdomains under your main domain using a solo Certum Trusted SSL Wildcard with the trust of organization validation since the users should be able to feel safer upon their visit to your website. Get it today at the best price ever.

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Certum Trusted SSL Multi Domain Certificate

Get it today @ $ 159.99 for a year

Many businesses operate in multiple countries or provide different services or products in different countries using a separate domain for each. Thus, an SSL certificate that secures all these domains becomes necessary. A certificate like Certum Trusted SSL Multi Domain certificate with organization validation is a solution an organization looks for. Buy this affordable OV SSL certificate today.

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Certum Trusted SSL Multi Domain Wildcard Certificate

Get it today @ $ 599.99 for a year

Looking to secure your entire digital presence? Buying a separate SSL certificate for all your domains and subdomains will become the most time-consuming task throughout the year. Get this multi domain wildcard SSL certificate by Certum that is equipped with all the latest website security standards and also comes with a warranty of €400,000 in case in-transit data accessed by the perpetrators causes any loss to the website visitors.

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Certum Premium Multi Domain EV SSL Certificate

Get it today @ $ 399.99 for a year

Businesses that collect critical financial and personal information from their customers need an SSL certificate that gives them trust since a warning that tells your customers that your website is not safe to visit doesn’t help with sales and conversion. The Premium Multi Domain EV SSL certificate provides a big warranty, solid encryption and a set of visual cues that make your customers feel safer to share their information with you.

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Extended Validation (EV)

30-Day Money Back Guarantee

Free Site Seal

Latest Website Security Standard

Let the users know you’re a pro-security organization

There is no substitute for trust when it comes to making your website visitors, customers, or users feel comfortable in sharing their critical financial and personal information. All the Organization Validation SSL come with 256-bit encryption and 2048 or 4096-bit public and private keys. These are premium SSL certificates, and you need to go through a rigorous vetting process that proves you are who you say you are.

Extended Validation (EV) makes it easier for your customers to trust you since it displays your organization’s name and details in a section called certificate details and also comes paired with a site seal that you can place anywhere on your websites where the users can easily have a look at it and feel safe to enter their data (a transaction page sounds great, doesn’t it?)


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