Comodo Premium SSL Wildcard

Comodo Premium SSL Wildcard certificate is a perfect solution for you if you have a website with several subdomains and need to secure the in-transit data of the website visitors. It is an organization validated SSL certificate that includes telephonic verification in its vetting process.

It is an ideal choice for you if you have an e-shop, a blog or a website that collects user data from several subdomains. Once installed on your website, the Premium SSL Wildcard certificate secures your main FQDN domain and all its subdomains.

Buy or Renew Comodo Premium SSL Wildcard


$ 119.99

Secure Domain and all Subdomains

Robust 256-bit Encryption

Issues within 1-3 Business days

$250,000 Warranty

Organization Validation (OV)

Issues in 1-3 days

Secure HTTPS URL and Secure Padlock sign

Comodo Static Site Seal

Unlimited Server Licensing

Secures a single domain and subdomains within it

RSA 2048-bit Key Length

99.9% Smartphone and Browser Compatibility Rate

Unlimited Reissues

256-bit Encryption level

Product Specifications
  • Validation Level: Domain Validation (DV)
  • Issuance Time: 1-3 Business Days
  • Supported Platforms: Windows 8, EXE, OCX, MSI, CAB, DLL, kernel Software, Adobe Air, Java, Mozilla and Apple.
  • Key Length: RSA 2048-bit
  • Server Licenses: Unlimited and free
  • Encryption Algorithm: SHA 256-bit Encryption
  • Visual Cues: HTTPS URL, Padlock, and Organization’s name in Certificate details
  • Secure Domains: Single Domain and all subdomains within
  • Site Seal: Comodo Static Site Seal
  • Reissues: Free for unlimited times
  • Compatibility: 99.9% Smartphone and Browser Compatibility
  • Refund: 100% Guaranteed Refund upon certificate cancellation within 30 days of the purchase
  • Warranty: $250,000
  • Strong 256-bit Encryption: 256-bit encryption secures the users’ in-transit data.
  • Secure Padlock and HTTPS URL: Let visitors know that your website data is secure and safe for them to visit.
  • Secure Domain and All Subdomains: Premium SSL Wildcard encrypts data for your FQDN domain and all subdomains.
  • Unlimited Reissues: Lost your certificate details? No worries, we will reissue it for you an unlimited number of times for free.
  • Secure All Servers: Secure primary, secondary, backup, and all the servers you will use for your website.

Don’t worry about your digital presence. With this solo SSL certificate, you can secure all the subdomains under your main domain. Therefore, it doesn’t just help you secure your present domain and all its subdomain but also helps you with all the subdomains you will add in the future.

Place this static site seal anywhere where the viewers can easily see it. The site seal tells the viewers that your website is secured, and they can share their data with you because they feel confident that you are securing the data they submit.

All the Comodo SSL certificates come with the latest website security standards. In addition, 256-bit Encryption is used to encrypt the data, and 2048-bit RSA keys are used for cryptography so that you can stay assured that your website data is safe.

As much as you care for your customers, Comodo tries to show the same care toward them. Thus, Comodo provides you with a $250,000 warranty. The customers who incur losses from your website while you have installed the SSL certificate get their losses covered by this amount.

For any reason, if you decide to use another type of SSL certificate on your website, you can get a full refund for your purchase price. The only condition to get this refund is to cancel the certificate within 30 days.

Supported by Microsoft Authenticode (along with kernel-mode signing), Apple applications and plug-ins, Microsoft MS Office Macro and VBA, Java, Adobe Air, and Mozilla object files.

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