Email S/MIME Certificates

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Email S/MIME Certificates

The Email and S/MIME (Secure/Multipurpose Internet Mail Extensions) certificates for personal authentication authenticate every received and sent mail to and from your organization. Phishing, hacking, and data breaches are nothing new to this digital world, but you can safeguard your organization against these threats using these Email and S/MIME personal authentication certificates.

You can sign the emails and files using strong encryption algorithms and identity verification provided by popular certificate authorities (CA). The unique cryptographic keys utilize two-factor authentication to sign emails and files. Your organization's authenticity is checked and displayed to the recipient when you sign your emails or files and send them from your server.

Comodo Personal Authentication Certificate (S/MIME)

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The CPAC certificate maintains the authenticity of the communication channel on which your employees communicate. Your emails are signed using strong encryption and cryptographic keys, thereby encrypting your email. You can also sign files using the same certificates. The validation process is short, and the certificate gets issued right after the completion.

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Comodo Personal Authentication Certificate Enterprise

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The Enterprise PAC certificate by Comodo can be installed on as many servers of your organization as you want. The universally known Comodo PKI helps you sign and encrypt the emails and files sent from your organizational servers. Get this enterprise certificate today to guard your organization against severe consequences like hacking, phishing, and data breaches.

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Sectigo Personal Authentication Certificate (S/MIME)

Get it today @ $ 39.99 for a year

Sectigo is a worldly-renowned brand and provides one of the strongest encryption facilities. When you sign emails and files using 256-bit encryption and two-factor authentication, your organization's communication channel stays safe and secure from the perpetrators looking to access the information from your server. It is also one of the market's most affordable PAC S/MIME certificates. Get it today at the best price.

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Domain Validation

Google Approved

HTTPS Secure

256-bit Encryption

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Standard domain (DV) SSL certificates are low-cost certificates that only require validation that a company or person can demonstrate control over a web domain. To obtain a DV certificate, the website owner typically needs to receive a confirmation email from the issuing certificate authority (CA) to an email address listed in the domain's WHOIS (Who Is) record.

DV SSL certificates are suitable for websites that do not conduct business or credit card transactions, such as blogs, personal websites, or websites that don't gather personal information. These certificates provide a basic level of security by encrypting the communication between a client and a server, which helps to protect the data from being intercepted by hackers or other malicious actors.

What is ca signed certificate and how to get Ca signed certificate?

A CA-signed certificate is an extension of a browser's trust in your website. The main difference between a self-signed and a CA signed SSL certificate is how they're issued. In order to understand the differences between these two types of certificates, it's important to understand what happens when you install one on your web server.


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