Certum Trusted SSL Multi Domain Wildcard Certificate (OV)

Certum Trusted SSL Multi Domain Wildcard (OV) certificate is issuable to the organization owners who go through the moderate vetting process set up by the certificate authority (CA), Certum. It falls in the premium category for SSL certificates since it secures up to 10 domains under your organization’s ownership and all their subdomains. Each of them.

Regarding security, the certificate is equipped with the SHA-2 256-bit encryption algorithm, the latest entry to the website security standards. In addition, all the Certum SSL certificates comply with X.509 v.3 (RFC5280) standard set by IETF (Internet Engineering Task Force), which asks the certificate authorities to provide the latest website security standard that they decide.

Buy or Renew Certum Trusted SSL Multi Domain Wildcard Certificate (OV)

Buying SSL Certificate

Choose the Best Certificate that would help you to secure your website. SSL Certificates would help protect your website and secure communication between client and server. Certum is one of the computer Brands when it comes to cyber security. We understand that choosing a certificate is an important decision, and we want you to be confident that you have made the right choice. Whether you are looking for a new certificate or upgrading an existing one, we have the tools to help you get the job done right. If there are any questions or concerns about our services, don't hesitate to contact us directly so we can address them head-on!

Procurement of SSL Certificate

SSL Procurement Process includes steps such as Choosing the SSL Certificate, Generating CSR and Private Key on the Server, and Submitting the Certificate Signing Request (CSR) to Certificate Authority (CA).

CSR Generation Steps:

The steps involve generating the CSR, Private Key, and submitting the CSR to the Certificate Authority (CA) for further processing. Various Server has different CSR Generation process. You can learn more about at the following links:

  1. How to generate CSR in Apache
  2. How to generate CSR in IIS
Validation Process (OV)

Organization Validation is the Certificate that proves not only Domain Ownership but also Organization and Authorization for the person looking to obtain a certificate on behalf of the Organization. Here are a few points to be aware of regarding Organization Validation:

  1. You must verify that you own or control the domain.
  2. Your organization must register with the local government to complete verification.
  3. The Organization must employ the person seeking a certificate.

To know more details regarding the Organization Validation process, check our Knowledgebase.

SSL Insuance

Great, You have completed the validation process, and now you can download the certificate from our website. The certificate has been emailed to you at the email address specified.

Process for SSL Installation:

The process for SSL installation consists of downloading the certificate from the Certificate Authority, copying the certificate files onto the server, and configuring the server to use the certificate. You can learn more about SSL Installation from our Knowledgebase.

  1. How to install SSL in Apache
  2. How to install SSL in IIS

$ 599.99

Organization Validation (OV)

Secure up to 10 Domains and all Subdomains

Solid SHA2 Encryption Algorithm

€ 400,000 Relying Party Warranty

Organization Validated (OV)

Robust 256-bit Encryption

Free Certum Site Seal

Secure 1, 4, 6, or 10 domains and all subdomains within

Unlimited Reissuances

HTTPS URL, Secure Padlock, and Company information within SSL Certificate

99.9% Mobile and Browser Ubiquity rate

Unlimited Server Licensing

100% Refund Guaranteed

€400,000 Warranty

Product Specifications
  • Validation Level: Organization Validated (OV)
  • Encryption Level: 256-bit Encryption
  • Key Length: RSA 2048-bit or 4096–bit Cryptographic Keys
  • Reissues: Unlimited
  • Compatibility Rate: Compatible on 99% of Mobiles and Browsers
  • Visual Cues: HTTPS URL, Site Seal and Padlock
  • Server Licenses: Unlimited
  • Visual Cues: HTTPS URL and Padlock
  • Site Seal: Certum Site Seal
  • Domains Secured: 1, 4, 6, or 10 Domains and all Subdomains within
  • Warranty: € 400,000
  • Secures Domains and all Their Subdomains: Securing up to 10 domains and all subdomains within them has been more challenging than now.
  • Latest Website Encryption Standard: SHA 256-bit algorithm is the latest encryption algorithm and standard for website security.
  • Free Unlimited Server Licensing: Install the Certum Trusted SSL Multi Domain Wildcard certificate on as many servers as possible.
  • Refund: Upon cancellation of the SSL certificate within 30 days of purchase, you can get a 100% refund on your purchase price without having to answer questions mandatorily.

Organization validation asks you to provide the domain ownership details and other organization details that it needs to verify before issuing a certificate under the name of your business. Moreover, this helps the users see your brand’s name in the certificate details, which is a major contributor to trust in your relationship with your website visitors.

Certum doesn’t hold back while providing visual trust indicators like the secure padlock, HTTPS URL and a free-of-cost site seal that you can place on the most visited page of your website so a large chunk of users can have a look at it and feel safer and confident while making a purchase from your website.

Certum is one of the latest website security certificate providers and also equips its SSL certificates with the latest website security standards. The 256-bit encryption level is almost unbreakable for the perpetrators, and all the in-transit data of the website stays intact, doing no harm to the crucial information provided by the customers.

Upon any loss caused to your website visitors when they share their critical information with you when the Certum Trusted SSL Multi Domain Wildcard certificate is installed on your website, Certum pays them this amount. Certum cares for your customers as much as you do and provides a certain amount of warranty with every SSL certificate..

The refund limit for Certum SSL certificates is a period of 30 days after purchasing the certificate. If you cancel your certificate within 30 days of purchase, you get a 100% refund on your entire purchase price.

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